Zeb Horn Straight Divot Tool

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This cigar holder/divot tool is made from the horn of a Zebu cow. The Zebu (Bos taurus indicus), pronounced zee byoo, is a very old bovine breed, first domesticated 10,000 years ago in India where it eventually gained status as the Sacred Cow. Its distinctive hump (which stores fat and water in the same manner as a camel), a high number of sweat glands, and resistance to pests allowed it to adapt to many environments, especially the warm tropics, and it has spread to most continents including Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America, Europe and Australia. In Africa and South Asia alone there are over 75 breeds. The Zebu is generally on the small side but some breeds can get quite large. Here in America we can see examples of the extremes, from miniatures that only get 30"-36" tall at maturity, to the more familiar Brahma Bulls seen at rodeos.

The horns, grown by both the males and females, show a wide variety of colors, ranging from a transluscent blonde to jet black, and in between a striped mix containing reds, browns, burgundies, white and tan. Most have a mottled look reminiscent of marble. The material is relatively hard and stiff which allows it to take a very fine polish.

This is a very colorful tool with a main reddish/brown background mixed with opaque to clear horn. It is about 2-7/8" long, 7/8" wide and 1/4" thick. Weight is 4.49 grams.